Eclipse Milo 0.1.0



This is the first release of Eclipse Milo™ at the Eclipse Foundation. All functionality which was provided before under the "digitalpetri" namespace [1] will be provided in an Eclipse compliant way.

Milo is an open-source implementation of OPC-UA. It includes a high-performance stack (channels, serialization, data structures, security) as well as client and server SDKs built on top of the stack.



Eclipse Milo does implement the binary protocol of OPC UA also know as IEC 62541. It will provide client and server SDK beside the core protocol stack.


Eclipse Milo does have an active user base coming from the original project at "digitalpetri". It was presented as a new project during EclipseCon Europe 2016 and several IoT projects are interested in interfacing or integrating Eclipse Milo.

During the first release a new commiter was added to the project.

Due to the fact that Milo is a library/module with no direct end user involvement it is hard to give any details about end user activities.

The community is working on GitHub at