Eclipse Milo 0.4.0

This release includes major updates to functionality in the stack, client SDK, and server SDK. It is a stepping stone on the path to 1.0.

Milo currently targets OPC UA specification version 1.03 and this will remain the case for the eventual 1.0 release.

Major User-facing Changes

  • New generated structure implementations that implement toString(), hashCode(), and equals()
  • New generated Node implementations for OPC UA namespace
  • New AttributeFilter API to replace deprecated AttributeDelegate
  • Implemented all server diagnostics needed for compliance testing
  • Refactored IdentityProvider API to include a type parameter
  • Implemented common Node Property accessors on client Nodes
  • New certificate validation implementation with configurable validation checks
  • Various compliance and interoperability fixes
Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)