Project Scope

The Sparkplug® Specification Project defines and maintains the Sparkplug specification and related TCK descriptions.

Specification Scope

Sparkplug defines how Edge of Network (EoN) gateways or native MQTT enabled end devices and MQTT Applications communicate bi-directionally within an MQTT infrastructure. The specification details the structure and implementation requirements for Sparkplug compliant MQTT Client implementations on both EoN gateways/devices (edge profile) and MQTT Applications (host profile). 

It is recognized that MQTT is used across a wide spectrum of application solution use cases, and an almost indefinable variation of network topologies. To that end the Sparkplug specification strives to accomplish the three goals in the following description.

Name Date
3.0.0 2022-11-16
Name Date
Sparkplug® 3.0.0 Release Review 2022-10-11
Creation Review 2020-06-03
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Implementation Patent License
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