Eclipse ThreadX

Eclipse ThreadX® provides a vendor-neutral, open source, safety certified OS for real-time applications published under a permissive license.

The Eclipse ThreadX suite encompasses:

  • ThreadX - advanced real-time operating system (RTOS) designed specifically for deeply embedded applications
  • NetX Duo - advanced, industrial-grade TCP/IP network stack designed specifically for deeply embedded real-time and IoT applications
  • FileX - high-performance, FAT-compatible file system that’s fully integrated with ThreadX kernel
  • GUIX - provides a complete, embedded graphical user interface (GUI) library
  • USBX - high-performance USB host, device, and on-the-go (OTG) embedded stack, that is fully integrated with ThreadX kernel
  • LevelX - Flash Wear Leveling for FileX and stand-alone purposes
  • GuiX Studio - design environment, facilitating the creation and maintenance of all graphical elements for CUIX
  • TraceX - analysis tool that provides a graphical view of real-time system events to better understand the behavior of real-time systems

ThreadX® is a registered trademark of the Eclipse Foundation.

The MIT License (MIT)

The content of this open source project is received and distributed under the license(s) listed above. Some source code and binaries may be distributed under different terms. Specific license information is provided in file headers and in NOTICE files distributed with the project's binaries.

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