Eclipse Tiaki

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Using the IETF DNS-SD standard (RFC 6763) and the IETF secure DNS, or DNSSEC, standard (RFCs 4033, 4034, and 4035), administrators can dynamically provision and publish service endpoint addresses, custom device configuration parameters, and connection information to support diverse and changing network environments.

Using Eclipse Tiaki, devices can securely discover this configuration over either the Internet or a private network and then validate the source of the configuration to ensure that it has come from a trusted party.

The aim of the Eclipse Tiaki Project is to provide a set of libraries implementing the IETF DNS-SD and DNSSEC standards to enable secure DNS lookup requests for service endpoint addresses, service types and connection information. Optionally, lookup requests may enforce the use of a specific DNS Server, validate its DNSSEC compliance and use a specific trust anchor for closed environments. Developers who use the Eclipse Tiaki Project can take advantage of the capability of these standards without needing to understand the details of DNS.

Name Date
Termination Review 2016-09-21
Creation Review 2015-09-02