Agile UML

The toolset supports the visual and textual editing of specifications using UML 2.4 class diagrams, OCL 2.4 and a textual activity language. These specifications can be analysed for technical debt and other flaws, and code in ANSI C, Java, C# and C++ can be generated. A Python generator is also provided in a pre-release version. The tools have been used for  educational purposes on large software engineering undergraduate courses, and to develop industrial-scale applications in finance and model transformation engineering. They can be used by academic researchers or industrial practitioners.

Latest Releases

From 2023-12-19 to 2019-10-01

Name Date Review
2.3 2023-12-19
2.2 2022-12-21
2.1 2021-11-01
2.0 2020-10-30
1.9 2019-10-01
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