Agile UML

The toolset manual can be downloaded from

There are also specialised manuals for the analysis of QVT-R:

and for synthesis of model transformations:

These are also available from the GitHub repository. 

Library files for OCL in Java versions, C#, C++, C and Python are also available in files, etc. 





The toolset supports the agile specification of systems in UML and OCL and the automated generation of code from these specifications. Applications are defined as executable specifications using class diagrams (or equivalently,KM3 text) and OCL. Specifications may be analysed and refactored, and complete executable code generated in Java, C#, C++. C and Python. Options are also available to generate web applications.

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Name Date
2.3 2023-12-19
2.2 2022-12-21
2.1 2021-11-01
2.0 2020-10-30
1.9 2019-10-01