Eclipse Edapt™ 1.0.0

This is the first offical release of Edapt. The Edapt project offers APIs and provides implementations for the following features:

  • A way to model to the changes between two versions of an Ecore model and to compose these as a complete history of all versions. These models provide means to attach migration instructions to the changes.
  • A slim runtime implementation which can be integrated into existing applications and which interprets the change models to automatically migrate old instances to the version needed by the application.
  • A means to define new operations and to extend existing ones with instructions on how to migrate other artifacts.
  • A generic user interface to offer operations to the developer and to inspect the impact of their executions.
  • A mechanism to record the operations that are executed on an Ecore model in the editor.
  • A way to re-apply the recorded operations to migrate existing artifacts which are not accessible during development.
  • A means to obtain the changes between two versions of an EMF model.
Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)
Name Date Description
1.0.0 RC 2014/10/27