Eclipse Edapt™ 1.1.0



The main goals of this release are Mars compatibility and improving the overall stability/usability.

This release includes an improved Release Dialog/Wizard, brings support for migrating XMI files in archives, removes a conflict with JDT and fixes several bugs. 

The project's build process has been improved, including code-signing, packing jars and running tests during the build. 

The  Edapt runtime will be included in the Mars Modeling EPP by ECP. 

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

Removed conflicting Keybindings with JDT. 

Non-Code Aspects

Documentation for migrating customized Ecore models will be improved. 

Usability Details

There is a replacement for the Release Dialog which allows users to update namespace-URIs on a Release in a more fine grained way. The old dialog made hard assumptions that there is a common suffix for all included Ecores in the history. The replacement allows to step through all Packages individually and gives content assist as possible. 

End of Life

Removed Keybindings. The Keybindings were conflicting with JDT and did not provide much gain. 


There are regular questions on the Newsgroup. 

There are few but regular Bug-Reports/Feature-Requests. 

An Edapt talk was accepeted at the last EclipseCon Europe and NA. Moreover there will be a talk at EclipseCon France. 

The Modeling.ECP project uses Edapt to migrate view models and will include the Edapt runtime alongside their tooling feature in the Mars Modeling EPP.