Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF) 1.9.0



Eclipse EEF 1.9.0 will stabilize the new runtime and language introduced by EEF 1.6.0.

EEF provides highly dynamic mechanisms to build an user interface based on an interpreted language and let you customize declaratively advanced concepts like the style or layout of your user interface.

The old version (1.5.x) will still be released along this new one as such both versions can be installed without conflicts.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

This release will be reused by the Sirius project in order to provide custom Properties Views for Sirius specifiers.

The old EEF runtime may not be updated anymore apart from critical bugs affecting existing users.

Non-Code Aspects

This release comes with a brand its documentation and website. The old documentation has been retired from the website but it will still exist on the EEF Wiki and previous versions of the Eclipse Help Center.

End of Life

The old Eclipse EEF runtime (1.5.x and before) may be deprecated in the future with the arrival of the new runtime.


This brand runtime is reused by the Eclipse Sirius project and as such both projects have highly connected communities.