Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF) 1.3.0 Release Review

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The 1.3.0 Release of the Extended Editing Framework will be focused on improving the user experience for editing emf models. On this purpose, new widgets will be added to the runtime. These widgets will improve model editing on two axis :

  • Navigation through the model element
  • Look and feel

As for the other releases, the 1.3 version of EEF will provide a new set of bug fixes.


API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Non-Code Aspects

* Continuous Integration

Project is built from the Eclipse hudson instance through Tycho. A nightly is built once a day if the SCM polling sees a change from the last build.

* Testing

207 functional tests are launched on the framework at each continuous integration. 66 are failing but this is due to issues on the testing framework. This state will be corrected in the next releases.

* APIs

API is kept compatible with previous verions.

* Documentation

All of the documentation for EEF is available from the wiki. It will be completed and extended with tutorial as this version matures.

* Bugzilla

86 bugs are open on the EEF bugzilla:

  • 1 Critical
  • 5 Major
  • 53 Normal
  • 6 Minor
  • 1 Trivial
  • 20 Enhancement
Usability Details

Localization : integrated into Babel

End of Life

No end of life have been reached by any EEF feature in this releasE.


No standard exists concerning the EEF domain.

EEF is usable for any EMF based models, including standards implemented with EMF (UML, BPMN, ...)


EEF team regulary participate to Eclipse Conventions. Talks has been submitted for the two majors Eclipse events:

This release is part of Luna

Release Review