Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge 0.6.0

Release Date

The built artefacts of the project comprise:

  • An EMF Diff/Merge runtime feature that includes:
    • A versatile diff/merge engine which is applicable to arbitrary sets of model elements.
    • Default GUI components for representing and merging differences.
    • An extension of the two to GMF models.
    • An integration of the whole with Eclipse Team mechanisms (local history, ...).
    • An integration of the whole with EGit.
    • An integration of the whole with Subversive (SVN).
  • An EMF Diff/Merge source feature that covers the same content as the runtime.
  • A Pattern SDK feature that includes runtime and source for:
    • An engine for creating, applying and reusing modeling patterns
    • A GUI that makes the former usable by end users in Eclipse-based modeling tools
  • A Pattern Sirius SDK customization feature that includes runtime and source for:
    • An extension of Pattern SDK which leverages Sirius technology for better usability and additional features.

This project takes profit of the incubation phase to improve its API. Nonetheless, the project API has not been broken between this release and the previous one.


All user-level strings have been subject to the Eclipse string externalization mechanism.

Target Environments

The code has been tested on Java 1.5 to 1.8 on Windows XP and 7, 32 and 64 bits, from Eclipse Helios to Neon.

Name Date Description
M4 2015/12/15
M5 2016/02/02
M6 2016/03/22
M7 2016/05/03
RC1 2016/05/17
RC2 2016/05/24
RC3 2016/05/31
RC4 2016/06/07
Neon 2016/06/22

Team/SCM integration

Integration with Eclipse Team mechanisms and SCM clients (Git, SVN).

Minor improvements of UI components

Multiline text, toolbar navigation buttons, UI thread vs. transactions, three-way conflict display, feedback for forbidden merges...
This release is part of Neon