Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF)

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EGF (Eclipse Generation Factories) is a software factory tool with the purpose to generate software artifacts, such as code or application.

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EGF is a software factory tool which enables to develop simple and complex generators. A workflow enables to orchestrate and execute different kind of tools (e.g., ATL for model-to-model transformations, Acceleo for model-to-text transformations) and code written in a language (e.g., Java, Ant, JRuby). EGF also includes a declarative formalism of pattern with the capability to develop customizable generations. The extensibility of EGF enables to support new tools or languages for orchestration, and to support new types of generation formalisms. All the generation elements are encapuslated in factory components. A coherent set of factory components defines a generation portfolio reusable and customizable in different project contexts. EGF is released with two demonstrative and operational generation portfolios. The first one enriches the EMF generation with new features: i) generation of new types of artefacts (e.g., JavaDoc, ecoretools diagrams), ii) customization of the EMF generation with patterns, iii) a generation DSL to easily configure an EMF generation. The second EGF portolfio is a DSL and generator for continuous integration in order to facilitate the definition of continuous integration chains and to target new integration continuous platforms while the continuous integration tools evolve.

This project is part of 2018-09, Eclipse Photon, Eclipse Oxygen, Neon, Mars, Luna, Kepler, Juno, and Indigo.
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