The Juno release is the first coordinated released based on the Eclipse 4 platform.

  • Eclipse 4.2 is now the default platform for the Eclipse community.
  • New Koneki project provides world-class Lua development tools for M2M application development.
  • Equinox provides the reference implementation for the new OSGi R5 specification.
  • Eclipse Virgo 3.5 will deliver the new Virgo Nano which allows developers to deploy very small and fast OSGi-based applications.
  • Xtend, a new language for Java developers, will introduce support for debugging, improved IDE support and new language features, including properties, data classes and type inference for fields.
  • Xtext 2.3 will now support integrated debugging of JVM-based DSLs created using Xtext and tighter integration with the Java Development Tools (JDT).
  • Eclipse Code Recommenders makes developers smarter about using APIs. Based on a knowledge-based and advanced analytics of existing API usage, Code Recommenders provides intelligent API recommendations to Eclipse developers building Java applications.
Release Date
Previous Release
Project Release
Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) 4.2.0
Eclipse Data Tools Platform 1.10.0
Eclipse Project 4.2.0
Eclipse Project 3.8.0
Eclipse Orion 0.5.0
Eclipse Amalgam 1.3.0
Eclipse CDO Model Repository 4.1.0
Eclipse EMF Compare 1.3.0
Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF) 1.0.0
Eclipse EMF 2.8.0
Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine 2.3.0
Eclipse EMF Query 1.6.0
Eclipse EMF Transaction 1.6.0
Eclipse EMF Validation 1.6.0
Eclipse Ecore Tools 1.1.0
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF) 1.1.0
Eclipse EMF Facet 0.2.0
Eclipse GMF Notation 1.6.0
Eclipse GMF Runtime 1.6.0
Eclipse GMF Tooling 3.0.0
Eclipse Graphiti 0.9.0
Eclipse Acceleo 3.3.0
Eclipse Xpand 1.2.0
Eclipse MoDisco 0.10.0
Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language) 4.0.0
Eclipse Papyrus 0.9.0
Eclipse MDT UML2 4.0.0
Eclipse MDT XSD™ (XML Schema Definition) 2.8.0
Eclipse ATL 3.3.0
Eclipse QVT Operational 3.2.0
Eclipse Xtext 2.3.0
Eclipse Mylyn 3.8.0
Model Focusing Tools 0.9.0
Mylyn Docs Intent 0.7.0
Eclipse Communications Framework 3.5.6
EclipseLink 2.4.0
Eclipse Equinox 3.8.0
Eclipse Gyrex Project 1.1.0
Eclipse Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server 8.1
Eclipse Remote Application Platform 1.5.0
Eclipse Riena 4.0.0
Eclipse Virgo 3.0.3
Eclipse BPEL Designer 1.0.1
Eclipse JWT 1.2.0
SCA Tools 2.3.0
Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework 1.0.0
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit 4.0.0
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 2.0.0
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git 2.0.0
Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool 1.2.1
Koneki 0.8.0
Eclipse Maven Integration - m2eclipse 1.1.0
Eclipse Packaging Project 1.5.0
Eclipse Marketplace Client 1.1.1
Eclipse Runtime Packaging Project 1.0.0
Eclipse Code Recommenders 1.0.0
Eclipse Sapphire 0.5.0
Eclipse Scout 3.8.0
Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider 1.0.0
Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) 8.1.0
Eclipse Target Communication Framework 1.0.0
Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) 3.8.0 (Juno)
Eclipse Linux Tools 1.0.0
Eclipse Memory Analyzer 1.2.0
Eclipse Object Teams 2.1.0
Eclipse PHP Development Tools 3.1.0
Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) 6.0.0
Eclipse Target Management: Terminal and Remote System Explorer (RSE) 3.4.0
Eclipse WindowBuilder 1.5.0
-- 2.3.0
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project 3.4.0