Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF) 1.2.0

Release Date

The EGF release is:

  • EGF SDK. It is EGF Core and two EGF portfolios distributed with their associated metamodels, source code, features and plugins. EGF SDK is available by update site and dropins.
  • Additional portfolios (i.e., Acceleo, ATL, ecoretools).

Examples are included with EGF SDK and the portfolios.

Those deliverables are included in the Luna release and are also available by Amalgam.


There is no known incompatibility between EGF and the other components of the Eclipse platform.

From Helios to Juno, a compatibility was maintained between the EGF and Eclipse releases.

Restrictions of compatibility between EGF and Eclipse releases:

  • EGF releases before Kepler are not compatible with Eclipse Kepler
  • The EGF release with Kepler is not compatible with Eclipse Luna
Name Date Description
M1 2013/08/21
M2 2013/10/02
M3 2013/11/13
M4 2013/12/20
M5 2014/01/31
M6 2014/03/14 API Freeze
M7 2014/05/09 Feature Freeze
RC1 2014/05/23
RC2 2014/05/30
RC3 2014/06/06
RC4 2014/06/13
Luna 2014/06/25 Eclipse Simultaneous Release (official)

Core EGF

405485 NPE when cancelling an EGF activity execution
408542 Duplicated declaration of "generated_package" extensions in plugin.xml with a generation chain
401765 NoSuchFieldError: propertySheetPage exception when viewing genmodel property sheet
406657 Description attribute should be multiline
423706 The type in a nested package is wrong in generated Java code
356569 [EMF-Portfolio] Adding the CDO feature

Enhanced EMF Generation

435932 [Enhanced EMF Generation] Migration of EMF Generation Patterns to Luna
435936 [Enhanced EMF Generation] Migration of diagrams generation from ecoretools 1.x to ecoretools 2.0

Build portfolio

421098 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Parameters on EGF Step
414504 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Allow to specify deployment information in EGF Build models
435256 435257 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Cannot generate build model on linux
433270[EGF-Build Portfolio] allow jacoco coverage in EGF build
421100 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Dynamic fcore
434732 [EGF-Build Portfolio] support Ivy
421096 [EGF-Build Portfolio] New type on Clean Step
427893 [EGF-Build Portfolio] update used external tools
432610 [EGF-Build Portfolio] File .project in your job
430002 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Add tooltip for each model elements
433230 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Clean Step fails silently
421095 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Contextual menu "Navigate" on Reuse Step
430004 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Add SwtBot launch configuration support
431905 [EGF-Build Portfolio] support debug mode in java configuration
421068 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Invalid generated Ant code (with '&' in the step name)
430003 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Allorw SVN repo locations to be shared between Job Chain
433231 [EGF-Build Portfolio] Build Step has a bad default regex for filtering source plugin
This release is part of Luna