Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF) 1.3.0

Release Date

The release deliverables have the same form as is found in most Eclipse projects, namely: EEF source code release, available as versions tagged with "R1_3" in the project's Git repository. EEF SDK, which includes runtime, sources, examples, and documentation, and is available as a download or on the update site. EEF binary distribution, available as a download or on the update site. EEF tests available as a download.


The Eclipse Platform is designed as the basis for internationalized products. The user interface elements provided by the Eclipse SDK components, including dialogs and error messages, are externalized. The English strings are provided as the default resource bundles. Similarly, the EEF project will externalize all its user interface elements, provide English strings for them in its default bundles, and localize a subset of the locales offered by the Platform. The download page will provide the details as the become available.

Target Environments

In order to remain current, each Eclipse release targets reasonably current versions of the underlying operating environments. The EEF project depends upon on the Platform, which is mostly "pure" Java™.The 4.3 release of the Eclipse Platform Project is written and compiled against version 1.5 of the Java Platform APIs, and targeted to run on version 1.5 of the Java Runtime Environment, Standard Edition. EEF rely on EMF Core which is written and compiled against version 1.5 of the Java Platform APIs., EEF relies on Java 5. Eclipse Platform SDK 4.4 will be tested and validated on a number of reference platforms. EEF will be tested and validated against a subset of those listed for the platform. Given that there is no operating system dependent code in EEF, it's expected that EEF will work anywhere the Eclipse Platform does.

Name Date Description
RC1 2013/11/18 First Release Candidate. This will be a fork of the 1.2 stream including all features developed for this release.
RC2 2013/11/20 Second Release Candidate.
RC3 2013/11/22 Final Release Candidate.
Final 2013/11/30 1.3 Release


A set of new widgets will be created in order to improve the user experience when editing EMF models with EEF

Bug fixes

A set of new bug will be fixed with this new version
This release is part of Luna