Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF) 1.6.0

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Eclipse EEF 1.6.0 will bring a brand new runtime and language in order to build your user interface. In this new version, the language will be less coupled with the metamodel of the user and with a similar approach as Eclipse Sirius, as such it will provide highly dynamic mechanisms to build an user interface.

This new approach will be based on an interpreted language, contrary to the old one which relied on generated code. You will also be able to use various kind of expressions based, for example, on the latest version of the AQL (Acceleo Query Language).

This new version of EEF will also let you customize declaratively advanced concepts like the style or layout of your user interface.

For the users of the "old" approach, don't worry, the old version (1.5.x) will still be released along this new one and the new version is contained in different plugins than the old one, as such both versions can be installed without conflicts.

Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
This release is part of Neon.
Release Type: 
Minor release