EMF Feature Model 0.8.0



The major news of the release 0.8.0 are

  • The new graphical Feature Diagram Editor
  • The adoption of the Eclipse common build infrastructure
  • The clean adoption of the epl License definition
Architectural Issues

The graphiti-based graphical feature model editor is a new component in this release.

A new plugin and feature has been introduced for this, as well as the dependency to the eclipse graphiti features.

Security Issues

No security issues have been occured or security related components commited for this release.

Non-Code Aspects

nothing to claim here

Usability Details

The new editor has been developed according to eclipse and feature model usability aspects.

End of Life

no end of life aspects.


The emf feature model itself is intended as a standard for ecore-based feature modeling. It has not changed in this release.


During the last releast, itemis and FZI have joint the project.