Eclipse Gendoc

Eclipse Gendoc extracts data from Eclipse EMF models and generates documents that fully respect the appearance of your document template.

The generation can be performed in a few steps:

Get or write a standard template document in OpenOffice Writer (.odt), Microsoft Word (.docx) format, Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) or Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Add script sections to get dynamic content from models : each dynamic section of the template contains a script written in M2T Acceleo language,

Reference the model as datasource,

Launch the generation directly from the template

The generation result fully respects the template document, with all dynamic sections filled with model content

Styles defined in the template are kept after generation, both on static and dynamic parts.

Gendoc is currently used in several contexts (avionics, space, public services) to produce various kinds of documentation:

  • Specification or design document from UML or SysML models
  • Requirement document from Req-IF models
  • Test plan from a model containing Test scenarii
  • Interface configuration document
  • Data structure description from specific EMF models
Latest Releases

From 2020-01-15 to 2015-03-04

Name Date Review
0.8.0 2020-01-15
0.7.2 2018-10-29
0.7.1 2018-06-18
0.7.0 2018-03-26
0.6.0 2016-10-05
0.5.1-juno 2016-08-04
0.5.1 2015-08-31
0.5.0 2015-03-04
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