Eclipse Gendoc 0.7.0

Gendoc 0.7.0 introduces:

  • Workbench and project Preferences to configure templates that can be used directly from the eclipse workbench without the need to set the source in the template itself.
  • Support for recursive fragments and queries.
  • XLSX as output file format.
  • PPTX as output format.
  • Support for Table diagrams.
  • Gendoc Help catalogs.
  • A number of bug fixes that increase the stability of the Gendoc generator.
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
Name Date Description
M1 2017/12/15 First Gendoc 0.7.0 milestone, with Workbench and project Preferences, recursive fragments and queries, xlsx output format, gendoc help catalog.
M2 2018/01/30 Second and Gendoc 0.7.0 milestone, with PPTX support and Table diagrams and bug fixes.