Eclipse GMF Tooling 3.2.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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This document describes the GMF Tooling 3.2.0 release in the Luna Simultaneous Release.


This release focuses on the completing the switch of the GMF Tooling code generation templates to the Xtend2 template language, as a de-facto standard template language for the modern Eclipse modeling.

Adopting the standard code-generation technology allows GMF Tooling user (toolsmith) to get access to the improved editing, debugging and performance features available in Xtend.


For 3.2.0 release the new Xtend and old (GMF Tooling proprietary fork of Eclipse xPand) templates are delivered in parallel, aiming for generation of structurally identical code from the same input artifacts.

So toolsmith with significant amount of custom templates still have an option to decide on the time to migrate to the new language.


The GMF Tooling release for Luna also aims to reduce the amount of the generated diagram code in favor of extending the set of base classes provided in the separate run-time component.

It also includes numerous bug fixes and improvements, including the optimizations of the runtime performance for the generated diagrams.  


The release review is tracked by Bugzilla and the approved IP log is attached to that Bugzilla.


API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

There are no architectural issues.

Security Issues

There are no security issues.

This release is part of Luna