EMF-IncQuery 0.7.0

EMF-IncQuery is a high perfomance incremental graph search framework. With IncQuery, you can define declarative queries over EMF models, and execute them efficiently without manual Java coding (think SPARQL for EMF). The intuitive, Xtext-base query language is based on graph patterns that provide high (OCL-like) expressive power with a more concise, reusability-focused syntax that also supports integrating inline Xbase/Java. This versatile language is supported by a high performance query evaluation engine based on the Rete algorithm, known from expert systems. With this technology, EMF-IncQuery can provide real-time query evaluation performance (that is, instantaneous re-evaluation as the models change) for really complex queries over very large instance models (up to several millions of EObjects in size).

In addition to the model query features, EMF-IncQuery provides built-in support for the specification and execution of model validation rules that will be checked on-the-fly, and the specification and automatic maintenance of derived features (edges and attributes) that support EMF notifications out of the box.

Release Date
Name Date Description
M1 2013/02/14 First milestone available from eclipse.org
M2 2013/03/08 Stability milestone, includes all stability-related fixes in preparation for M3.
M3 2013/05/23 Includes all API breaking changes since 0.6.x series, intended to form an API baseline for the 0.7.0 release.
M4 2013/06/10 All important bugfixed in preparation for the final 0.7.0. release.
Event-driven rule execution engine
We are developing a high-level incremental rule engine on top of EMF-IncQuery that will support incremental model transformations. Additionally, all the event-driven mechanisms based on the IncQuery engine (Validation, Data binding, Query-based derived features) will be migrated to this new infrastructure.
Query Libraries
Support for Query Libraries will enable IncQuery users to package their query definitions into reusable query libraries that can be embedded into EMF-based applications in a modular way. For the 0.7.0 release, we plan an initial support only, that is modular reuse within a single EMF-IncQuery project.
  • Support query libraries [398799] (target milestone: 1.3.0RC)
IncQuery Viewers
IncQuery Viewers is a new add-on framework on top of IncQuery that will support the integration of IncQuery query results into Eclipse applications through the JFace Viewer Framework and the Zest Graph Visualization Toolkit. Read more at http://wiki.eclipse.org/EMFIncQuery/DeveloperDocumentation/IncQuery_Viewers
Full support for dynamic eResources
The aim of this theme is to enable IncQuery to operate over dynamic EMF resources.
Integration with Xcore
We plan to integrate EMF-IncQuery with Xcore (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Xcore) so that IncQuery's powerful query-based derived features (with notification support) can be integrated with Xcore domain definitions in a straightforward way.
Eclipse.org migration
EMF-IncQuery was previously developed outside the Eclipse Foundation. During this release we plan to migrate all code, issues, build system and documentation to the eclipse.org domain.