EMF-IncQuery 0.7.0 Release Review

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EMF-IncQuery is a high perfomance incremental graph search framework. With IncQuery, you can define declarative queries over EMF models, and execute them efficiently without manual Java coding (think SPARQL for EMF). The intuitive, Xtext-base query language is based on graph patterns that provide high (OCL-like) expressive power with a more concise, reusability-focused syntax that also supports integrating inline Xbase/Java. This versatile language is supported by a high performance query evaluation engine based on the Rete algorithm, known from expert systems. With this technology, EMF-IncQuery can provide real-time query evaluation performance (that is, instantaneous re-evaluation as the models change) for really complex queries over very large instance models (up to several millions of EObjects in size).

In addition to the model query features, EMF-IncQuery provides built-in support for the specification and execution of model validation rules that will be checked on-the-fly, and the specification and automatic maintenance of derived features (edges and attributes) that support EMF notifications out of the box.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

The architecture of EMF-IncQuery has been continuously revised and improved over the incubation phase. Based on the feedback and contributions from users, we ensure a good compability with EMF-based tools in general and related Eclipse.org projects in particular. The APIs and extension points have been refined and improved in several key aspects. All code components are extensible. Furthermore, the architecture of EMF-IncQuery is very modular and consists of independent components and services. Therefore, the framework is ready to be used with the Eclipse 4 platform (with the compatibility layer).
We currently see no strong overlap with any other Eclipse project.

Security Issues

There were until now no security related bug report. The nature of the project (model query framework) is not really relevant for security issues.

Non-Code Aspects

We have updated and re-written the core parts of the complete documentation, the most up-to-date documentation is available on the project's Eclipse.org wiki. We have prepared a blog describing various aspects of the framework. All old material on the project's homepage has been marked as deprecated. The examples (on GitHub) have been augmented with new examples in Git on Eclipse.org.

Usability Details

A significant part of the development effort for the release 0.7 has been spent into usability improvement based on user feedback. The release follows general Eclipse UI guidelines. The stability of the UI components is validated in several UI tests.

End of Life



For this release, there are no relevant standards for EMF-IncQuery.


The project has already several users, visible in newsgroup posts and bug reports. We have received contributions from various parties and 8 active committers from 3 organizations (the majority are listed as individuals). EMF-IncQuery has been presented in various democamps and on EclipseCon events (Modeling Symposium, full talk), in addition to many academic papers.

Release Review