Eclipse Model Driven Health Tools


Eclipse MDHT supports the specification and implementation of healthcare interoperability standards by creating UML profiles, model transformations, publication, code generation, and model editing tools for clinical informatics users. The project scope includes:

  • Model editing tools designed for use by clinical informatics specialists (often not software developers)
  • UML profiles and associated Eclipse UI designed to support healthcare modeling methodology and required extensions
  • Model transformation and Java code generation tools, using EMF and OCL
    • Transform UML models to Ecore models
    • Transform custom UML profile extensions to Ecore structures and OCL expressions (e.g. constraints for terminology binding)
  • Model publication tools
    • UML model-to-text transformation to the DITA publication standard XML format
    • Sample projects and wizards to assist with publishing models as formal specifications and as developer implementation guides
  • UML models created for healthcare standards
    • CDA
    • FHIR
    • Other clinical models, e.g. CIMI
  • Java code generated from UML models, released as JARs that are the primary download for most health IT developers


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3.0 (Mars) 2016-04-12
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Creation Review 2015-08-05