Move Papyrus-specific plug-ins From EMF Compare to the Papyrus project

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We have plug-ins in the Eclipse EMF Compare repository which goal is to provide compatibility with Eclipse Papyrus. We now want to move these plug-ins to the Papyrus project and hand over their maintenance to the papyrus team along with it.


This change will entail:

  • Changing the namespace of these projects (probably on the EMF Compare repository, before the move) from* to*
  • Moving the projects from the EMF Compare repository [2] towards the newly created repository from the Papyrus side [3], if possible preserving the history of the projects
  • Update the simrel so that these projects are no longer reference from the aggregation of EMF Compare
  • From the Papyrus side, prepare the build and create a new update site for these new projects
  • From the Papyrus side, update the simrel to reference this new update site from the aggregation of Papyrus. (if they do want to aggregate it in the release train)
  • Deleting the projects from the EMF Compare repository