Eclipse QVT Operational 3.4.0

QVT Operational component is an implementation of the Operational Mappings Language defined by the OMG standard specification (MOF) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation.

This release will spend efforts on implementing constructions up to now missing in QVT Operational component thus to provide a complete implementation of the operational part of the standard.

Improvements of  QVTo engine compilation and execution efficiency are also priority goals of this release.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Luna
Name Date Description
M1 2013/08/20
M2 2013/10/01
M3 2013/11/12
M4 2013/12/17
M5 2014/01/28
M6 2014/03/11
M7 2014/05/08
RC1 2014/05/20
RC2 2014/05/27
RC3 2014/06/05
RC4 2014/06/13