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The Eclipse QVT Declarative (QVTd) component is a partial implementation of the Core (QVTc) and Relations (QVTr) Languages defined by the OMG standard specification (MOF) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation.

To date the QVT Declarative component provides editing capabilities to support the QVT Declarative Languages:

  • QVTd 2010, Helios, 0.7.0 provides QVT models and LPG based parsers
  • QVTd 2011, Indigo, 0.8.0 adds IMP-based editors.
  • QVTd 2012, Juno, 0.9.0 re-engineers the models and editors to exploit Xtext and the OCL Pivot model.
  • QVTd 2013, Kepler, 0.10.0 introduces editing and execution of the QVTi simplification of QVTc.
  • QVTd 2014, Luna, 0.11.0 introduces a source debugger for QVTi execution.
  • QVTd 2015, Mars, 0.12.0 provides a very preliminary Epsilon prototype of the QVTr to QVTc to QVTu to QVTm to QVTi chain.
  • QVTd 2016, Neon, 0.13.0 provides a preliminary QVTr to QVTc to QVTu to QVTm to QVTi chain.
  • QVTd 2017, Oxygen, 0.14.0 provides a more useable UMLX to QVTr to QVTc to QVTu to QVTm to QVTs to QVTi chain and so full editing, compliation, execution, debugging.
  • QVTd 2018, Photon, 0.15.0 goes direct from QVTr to QVTs to start supporting QVTr overrides.
This project is part of 2018-09, Eclipse Photon, Eclipse Oxygen, Neon, Mars, and Luna.
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From July 10th, 2010 to December 19th, 2018

2018-12 (0.17.0)2018-12-19
2018-09 (0.16.0)2018-09-19Review
0.15.0 Photon2018-06-27Review
0.14.0 Oxygen2017-06-28Review
0.13.0 Neon2016-06-24Review
0.12.0 Mars2015-06-24Review
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