Eclipse Papyrus for xtUML

Eclipse Papyrus-xtUML is a tool which supplies the capability to edit, execute and translate xtUML models.  Executable, translatable UML (xtUML) is an extension to UML based upon the Shlaer-Mellor Method of Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), which supports a powerful approach to Model-Driven Development (MDD). Papyrus-xtUML provides the system design community with access to xtUML editing, execution and translation capabilities, along with a forum to advance the use of this methodology.

Papyrus-xtUML specializes in editing UML such that platform-independent models are precisely defined to enable interpretive execution (early test) from the first edit.  The execution technology is built-in to the editor and runs partial models without compilation.  Model compilers translate xtUML into target-specific code for various architectures in C, C++, SystemC, Java (and other programming languages) and into documentation in HTML, DocBook and other formats.

Papyrus-xtUML collaborates within the Papyrus Industrial Consortium and PolarSys which pursue providing a cohesive solution set for systems modeling for complex cyber-physical systems.

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