Eclipse Papyrus for xtUML

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Eclipse Papyrus-xtUML provides a dialect of UML modeling based upon a published and accepted methodology called Shlaer-Mellor.  The method and tool has been evolving since the 1990s.  Papyrus-xtUML forms a dialect of UML that fits nicely as a peer to UML-RT (Papyrus-RT), SysML (Papyrus-SysML) and other Papyrus UML/SysML derivatives.  Papyrus-xtUML has differentiated strength in the areas of precise semantic modeling, execution and translation.

Papyrus-xtUML currently has the following features:  xtUML editor, interpretive model execution ("Verifier") and several model compilers including C, C++, SystemC, Java, HTML, DocBook.

Creation Review2016-06-01