Eclipse Sirius 3.0.0



Sirius aims at providing specific multi-view workbenches through graphical, table or tree modeling editors. Users can easily define their own modeling workbench, even with very little technical knowledge of Eclipse, while still being able to deeply customize it when needed.

The project provides a runtime and the associated tools required to describe, test, and distribute these workbenches on top of the Eclipse platform.


The Sirius 3.0 release focuses on:

  •  performance improvements in many areas, including reduced memory consumption;
  • support for AQL, a simpified and optimized variant of Acceleo/MTL usable as a new query language in Sirius configuration files;
  • more complex layouts on diagrams with support for compartments to organize the contents of graphical containers;
  • more complete and precise validation of Sirius configuration files, which allows detecting potential problems earlier when creating a new Sirius-based modeler;
  • reduction of technical debt by replacing some internal mechanisms with better alternatives.
This release is part of Mars