Eclipse Xtext 2.14.0

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Xtext 2.14 is the release intended for participation of the Eclipse Photon simultaneous release.

With this release Xtext has been made ready for Java 9 and 10. This involves many internal changes and use of the latest build infrastructure from Maven Tycho and Gradle.

Xtext adopts now Photon’s new Code Mining API and provides an API to implement code mining providers on Xtext documents. With that DSLs can provide additional semantic information displayed in code editors. The Domainmodel example has been extended to provide a blue print for usage of the API. The integration has been developed with respect to backward compatibility in a way that languages developed against Photon are still deployable back to Eclipse Luna.

The Xtext testing infrastructure now provides a JUnit 5 Extension class, which enables writing and execution of Xtext tests with JUnit 5. The Xtext New Project Wizard has been extended to allow selection of the JUnit version for testing support in new DSL projects.

A new code generator fragment and API is provided for the creation of New Project Wizards and New File Wizards. The wizard APIs support creation of multiple file templates.

Additional Grammar Annotations allow enriching Xtext grammar files by annotations that contribute additional validations

The Xtend language adds a new validation on unnecessary modifiers and keywords in Xtend code. A quick fix lets the user resolve such issues.

Usage of internal API has been reduced and problematic code has been refactored to make Xtext compatible on Luna to Photon.

LSP support has been upgraded to the latest LSP4J version 0.4.0 and thus supports LSP 3.7.0.


Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 23, 2018
This release is part of Eclipse Photon.
Release Type: 
Minor release