Eclipse Xtext 2.7.0



A minor release for the 2.x stream of Xtext and Xtend.

The list of considered bugzillas (contains enhancements and bugs)

The list of resolved bugzillas (contains enhancements and bugs)

Specifically this feature includes the following new features:

 - much better performance in content assist, find references, syntax coloring, and the eclipse editor in general

 - Ui services are cancelable now and are canceled when the document is changed

 - [Xbase] sugared no arg syntax for lambdas with zero or more than one argument  (i.e. you can now always leave out the parameter declarations if you want to)

 - [Xtend] new active annotations (incl. a successor to @Property)

 - [Xbase] some new APIs in the library (e.g. groubBy)

 - [Xtend] many improvements to active annotations in general (e.g. change detection works nicely now)

 - [Xtend] a new outline view toggle to switch between Xtend outline and generated Java outline (i.e. see what’s generated)

 - [Xtend] organize imports on package level

 - [Xtend] code generation runs in parallel