Eclipse Mylyn 3.18

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This release fixes a number of defects and adds some new APIs to provide more flexibility to connectors. It also improves the integration between Gerrit and Hudson/Jenkins. Mylyn 3.18 adds support for Eclipse Neon M4.

Architectural Issues: 


  • No breaking API changes from 3.0
  • API tooling is used to verify that binary backwards compatibility is maintained and no API regressions are introduced.
  • APIs are consumed by 3rd parties who provide regular feedback
  • All API changes are tracked in Bugzilla on bugs tagged as [api]
  • Notes on API additions since Mylyn 3.0:
  • Connector core APIs are available to standalone environments and do not require an OSGi container


Security Issues: 


Non-Code Aspects: 

Localization and externalization

  • The code base has been externalized for Mylyn 3.1.
  • Mylyn is now available for translation via Eclipse Babel.

User documentation

  • Eclipse help content that is generated from the Wiki has been added for Mylyn 3.1.
  • The webinar on Mylyn 3.0 is the most viewed webinar on Eclipse Live.
  • The web site provides easy access to Downloads, Support and Getting Started documentation.

Developer documentation

Source Control

  • Source code, including the website content, is managed in Gerrit. Code reviews are encouraged for all changes.

Release Engineering

  • The build system is based on Maven Tycho.

Continuous Integration

  • Tests are executed on a regular schedule on the Mylyn HIPP. Test results and build artifacts are available to anyone.


Usability Details: 


  • Constant stream of stable releases
  • Bundled as part of EPP distributions
  • Committers work from HEAD, contributors from weekly builds, community from milestone releases

User feedback says it best:

  • "..arguably the most productivity-enhancing idea since background compilation and all of the things that enables (namely refactoring and syntax highlighting).  I just don't know how I ever was able to read and understand the Eclipse sources (or the sources of other large projects I've worked on) before Mylar, it's just that good.“ (David Orme)‏
  • “I would like to commend you on this very good tool. It has increased my productivity by 3 folds - no kidding...” (Deepak Devje)‏


  • No review for this release, but following accessibility guidelines

User Interface Guidelines

  • Focus on consistent visual design, UI elements, icons


End of Life: 

Active Streams:

  • Mylyn 3.18 supports Eclipse 4.6 M4, 4.5, and 3.8

End-of-Life Streams:

  • Mylyn 3.17 supports Eclipse 4.5, 4.4, and 3.8

Mylyn requires J2SE 1.7 or later.



  • Lively community on newsgroup and bug reports
  • Articles and blogs by community members


  • Contributor documentation on Eclipsepedia
  • Lively community on mylyn-dev and bug reports


  • Integrator documentation on Eclipsepedia
  • Separate mylyn-integrators mailing list removes need for integrators to watch the higher-traffic mylyn-dev
  • Specific discussions on “[connector]” and “[bridge]” bug reports, as well as “manage integration with Foobar” bug reports