Eclipse Mylyn 3.22

Release Date

The Mylyn project coordinates a release of all participating sub-projects. As of Mylyn 3.22, the Mylyn Docs subproject is releasing independently from the rest of Mylyn so it is not included in the Mylyn release. However, artifacts from the latest release of Mylyn Docs will still be available on the Mylyn update site.

Mylyn Builds 1.14

  • Builds Framework
  • Hudson/Jenkins Connector
  • Builds SDK

Mylyn Commons 3.22

  • Discovery Framework
  • Identity Framework
  • Interaction Monitoring Framework
  • Notification Framework
  • Repository Framework
  • Transport Framework
  • HTTP Transport
  • XML-RPC Transport
  • UI Toolkit
  • Commons SDK

Mylyn Context 3.22

  • Focused UI
  • Eclipse IDE Bridge
  • Java Development Bridge
  • Plug-in Development Bridge
  • Team Support Bridge
  • C/C++ Development Bridge
  • Context SDK

Mylyn Reviews 2.13

  • Reviews Framework
  • Gerrit Connector
  • Reviews SDK

Mylyn Tasks 3.22

  • Task List
  • Bugzilla Connector
  • Trac Connector
  • Tasks SDK
  • Tasks Tests SDK

Mylyn Versions 1.14

  • Versions Framework
  • CVS Connector
  • Git Connector
  • Subclipse Connector
  • Versions SDK



API Contract Compatibility: Mylyn 3.22 will be backward compatible with Mylyn 3.0.

Binary (plug-in) Compatibility: Mylyn 3.22 will be binary compatible with Mylyn 3.0.

Source Compatibility: Mylyn 3.22 will not be source compatible with previous versions.

Workspace Compatibility: Workspaces created with Mylyn 2.x, last released in February 2008, cannot be opened with this version of Mylyn. We intend to keep Mylyn upwards workspace-compatible with all versions higher than Mylyn 3.0, released in June 2008, unless noted. This means that workspaces created with Mylyn 3.0 can be successfully opened by this version of Mylyn and upgraded to this version. Workspaces created by earlier versions cannot be opened by this version of Mylyn. However, if users upgrade to Mylyn 3.19, they will be migrated to the format used since Mylyn 3.0, and users can then upgrade to this version of Mylyn.