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Eclipse Concierge is a small-footprint implementation of the OSGi Core Specifications R3 standard optimized for mobile and embedded devices.

The following are the goals and plans for the Concierge project:

  • Bringing the framework to compliance with the current OSGi core R5 specifications by aggressively focusing on the new and future-proof features such as the generic requirement/capability model and thereby keeping the footprint small. The target is in the order of 300-400 kB Jar file size. Furthermore, the framework should not only run on current and upcoming Java embedded profiles (e.g., Java 8 compact profile)
  • Keeping the source code compact and readable so that interested people have a realistic chance of understanding the internals of an OSGi framework.
  • Exploring new ways of integrating OSGi into mobile and embedded system stacks.
  • Being a sandbox for experimental features and optimizations for existing OSGi features that can be consumed by the Equinox project.
  • Providing a platform for exploratory research on how to bring the Java VM and the OSGi layer closer together to improve runtime performance.

The following are the non-goals:

  • It is not a goal to run the Eclipse IDE on Concierge any time soon.
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From October 28th, 2015 to October 31st, 2018

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