Eclipse Communications Framework 3.8.0 Release Review

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ECF's 3.8.0 release will focus on implementing the lastest OSGi specification for Remote Services (chapter 100 in OSGi Enterprise Specification) and Remote Service Admin (chapter 122 in OSGi Enterprise Specification).   The next OSGi specification (R6) is due for completion in March 2014.  The ECF 3.8+ releases will include a full and CT-compliant implementation of the R6 Remote Services and Remote Service Admin specifications.  ECF is the current reference implementation for the R6 RS/RSA specifications.

In addition to OSGi RS/RSA implementation, we will add support for an MQTT-based protocol providers, as well as bug fixes, significant improvements to existing providers, new features for network discovery, new tutorials, examples, and documentation.

This release is part of Luna