Eclipse January


The Eclipse January project provides Java implementations of numerical data structures such as multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, including a Java equivalent to the popular Python NumPy library for n-dimensional array objects. The project also includes general purpose data classes, structures and pattern realizations that can be mapped to a wide range of scientific problems while also maintaining metadata about that information, for example CSG trees.

Implementations are scalable to large structures that do not fit entirely in memory at once. For example, data structures up to 100s of MB generally fit in memory without needing additional design consideration, however large data structures of many GBs or even larger need design consideration to allow efficient processing without requiring loading the entire structure at once into memory. Therefore features such as meta information on data, references to data and slicing of data are first class citizens of this project. The required outcome is to allow data structures to scale to run on various distributed computing architectures.

This project will also encapsulate methods for loading, storing and manipulating data. This project is designed to work in headless (non-UI) operation for automated data processing.

Name Date
2.3.2 2022-02-16
2.3.0 2019-10-02
2.2.2 2019-05-10
2.2.1 2018-12-14
2.2.0 2018-11-07
2.1.5 2018-07-06
2.1.4 2018-05-31
2.1.3 2018-05-29
2.1.2 2018-03-14
2.1.1 2018-03-09
2.1.0 2017-10-09
2.0.2 2017-06-07
2.0.1 2017-03-31
2.0.0 2017-03-17
1.0.0 2016-10-21