Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project 1.0

The BPMN2 Modeler is a graphical modeling tool which allows creation and editing of BPMN 2.0 spec compliant diagrams. The tool is built on Eclipse Graphiti and uses the MDT BPMN2 project as the underlying model. This release represents the first stable version of the editor.

Version 1.0, while still not a final, polished product, is very stable and offers a very complete API that achieves the goals set for this release. The project leadership would like to thank the university researchers and community users who helped define and refine the editor API (you know who you are ) and for making BPMN2 Modeler a better product.

Release Date
Name Date Description
M1 2012/08/15 Initial Contribution
M2 2012/09/15 Milestone Build
RC1 2012/09/30 Release Candidate for 0.1.0
0.1.0 2012/10/15 Code Stabilization Release
0.2.0 2012/12/12 API Stabilization Release
0.2.1 2013/01/12 Bug Fix Release
0.2.2 2013/02/07 Bug Fix Release
0.2.3 2013/02/15 Bug Fixes and New Example
0.2.4 2013/04/09 Bug Fixes and New Features
0.2.5 2013/04/25 Bug Fixes and New Features
0.2.6 2013/06/07 Bug Fixes and New Features
0.2.7 2013/08/30 Bug Fixes and New Features
1.0M1 2013/10/15 1.0 Milestone 1
1.0 2013/10/30 1.0 Release and Graduation
1.0.1 2013/12/01 String Externalization, Internationalization and Documentation