Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project 1.3.0

Primary tabs

This release wil focus on a better implementation of the "push-down" feature which allows the Activities, Gateways, Events, flows, associations and Artifacts (the "contents") contained in a Sub Process or Pool (the "container") to be "pushed down" into a new tab within the multipage editor.  This provides a better overview of a complex process by moving the details of a Sub Process or Pool onto another page.

The complement operation, "pull-up", does the reverse by moving a container's Activities and flows back to the diagram tab containing the container. 

Also scheduled for this release is better layout handling for collapsing and expanding Sub Processes. Currently, when a Sub Process is expanded, the container figure is simply resized to the the bounds of its contents without regard to sibling figures. A better solution is to adjust the locations of sibling figures so that they will not be obscured by the expanded Sub Process. Similarly, collapsing a Sub Process should also move the sibling figures so that they maintain the same relative position to the collapsed Sub Process.

Release Date: 
Saturday, June 25, 2016
This release is part of Neon.
Release Type: 
Minor release