Eclipse Stardust 2.1.0

Release Date
  • Modeling plugins to create and debug workflow models from within eclipse.
  • Stardust process engine to execute BPM applications on various java-based runtime environments.
  • Stardust web portals for browser-based execution, monitoring of business processes and associated applications.
  • Browser-based modeler for creating and deploying workflow models directly in browser environments.
  • Browser-based reporting component for runtime monitoring and reporting of BPM applications.
  • Integrated rapid application environment (RAD) for deploying and executing BPM applications in an embedded Tomcat server within the eclipse modeling environment.
  • Possibility to consume the Stardust runtime as a Maven dependency in build files of consuming projects and to automatically configure runtime deployments by consuming Maven archetypes.
  • Documentation

Breaking Changes:

  • Exception handling for embedded service factory services changed to return unwrapped exceptions as with regular API calls. Additionally, raised exceptions now properly honor an existing transaction rollback policy.
  • Support for JBoss 5.1 was dropped

Please consult also the releasenotes for more details.


Name Date Description
M1 2014/12/05
M2 2014/12/15
RC1 2014/12/16
GA 2014/12/19