Eclipse Apogy

  1. Download and install Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers (
  2. Install the following:

    Update Site URL

    Apogy Off The Shelf plugins

    • All

    EMF and others

    • EMF - Eclipse Modelling Framework SDK

    • EMF - Eclipse Modelling Framework Xcore SDK

    • EMF Validation Framework

    • EMF Model Transaction SDK

    • Xtext Complete SDK

    Apogy Code Generator Support

    • Apogy Code Generator

    EMF Forms 1.22

    • EMF Form SDK


    • BIRT 4.6.0 Reporting SDK

    Eclipse 4 Ressource Tools

    • Eclipse e4 Tools Developer Resources

  1. Downloading Apogy plugins source
    1. Add the Apogy Git repo to your list of Git Repository;
    2. Import all the plugins found in the following folders:
      • /bundles/common

      • /bundles/core

      • /bundles/addons

      • /bundles/workspace

      • /bundles/examples

      • /bundles/rcp

  2. Building Apogy
    1. In the top menu bar, select Project→Build Automatically
    2. In the top menu bar, select Project→Clean... then select Clean all projects.
  3. Launching Apogy
    1. In the top menu bar, select Run→Run Configurations...
    2. Select Eclipse Application, right click, then New Configuration
    3. In Program To Run, select Run a Product, in the pull down on the right, select org.eclipse.apogy.rcp.product
    4. In the Plugins tab, in the Launch with pull down, select all workspace and enabled plugins
    5. Press Run.