Eclipse Collections™ 11.0.0

This is the 11.0.0 major release. The central theme of this release is the addition of new APIs, features as requested by the community and decrease tech debt. 

New Functionality 

  • Helpful and convenient APIs -  These are API requested either by the community or by project committers.
    • Added putAllMapIterable method to Mutable Maps.
    • Added selectWithIndex and rejectWithIndex to OrderedIterable and ListIterable.
    • Added toImmutableSortedBagBy,toImmutableSortedMap, toImmutableSortedMapBy,toSortedMap, toSortedMapBy to Collectors2.
    • Fused methods - Added toImmutableMap, toImmutableBiMap,toImmutableSortedList, toImmutableSortedSet, toImmutableSortedBag, toImmutableList/Set/Bag  to RichIterable. Added toImmutableSortedBag/List/Set with Comparator and toImmutableSortedBagBy/ListBy/SetBy with Function to RichIterable.
    • Added newWithMap, newWithMapIterable to ImmutableMap and withMapIterable, putAllMapIterable to MutableMap.
    • Added toImmutableList, toImmutableSet, toImmutableBag to AbstractMultiReaderMutableCollection and AbstractSynchronizedRichIterable
    • Implemented containsAny and containsNone on primitive iterables.
    • Added toSortedList(Comparator) and toSortedListBy(Function) to primitive Iterables.
    • Implemented Bag.anySatisfyWithOccurrences(), Bag.allSatisfyWithOccurrences(), Bag.noneSatisfyWithOccurrences(), Bag.detectWithOccurrences().
    • Added union, intersect, difference, symmetric difference, cartesianProduct , isSubsetOf, isProperSubsetOf operations on primitive sets. 
  • Added Norwegian translation for the Eclipse Collections website.

Tech Debt Reduction 

  • Added test coverage to improve PIT Mutation coverage and missing tests in some cases. 
  • Deprecated  ImmutableArrayStack.
  • Removed implementations of OrderedIterable.toStack(), aggregateBy, aggregateInPlaceBy as they can use the default implementation instead.

Removed Functionality 

  • Removed Verify.assertThrows() which takes a Runnable in favor of Assert.assertThrows(). This is a breaking change.
  • Removed assertNotEquals() from Verify as Assert already has the same API.

Ongoing maintenance changes 

  • Upgrades to project dependencies - EBR plugin, actions/cache, actions/upload-artifact, antlr ST4, checkstyle, codehaus maven plugin, jacoco, jmh-core, maven-resources-plugin, JUnit, setup-java.
  • Other changes include adding badges to README.
  • Added documentation on serializing Eclipse Collections with Jackson.


Release Date
Release Type
Major release (API breakage)
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2022-06