Eclipse CommaSuite 0.1.0

Release Date

This release is based in the initial contribution. Main focus:

  • Validate the initial contribution, that is, the grammar to describe interfaces specification and the generators for UML diagrams and Word documents.
  • The addition of a generator for off-line monitoring which checks interface conformance.
  • Improvement and extension of the help facilities, indluding a tutorial
  • Check existing examples and add new examples
Target Environments

Aim is to provide a CommaSuite product for Windows, linux and macOS.

Name Date Description
Basic version with all three generators included 2021/04/05 A product which includes the required three generators for UML diagrams, Word documents, and monitors.
Release candidate 2021/04/19 Product which includes all ingredient of the release that have passed all tests.

Off-line monitoring of interfaces

Main priority is the generation of an off-line monitor.