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    Wayne Beaton


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    Hannes Wellmann

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    Martin Lowe

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    Matt Ward

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    Maria Teresa Delgado

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    Sharon Macdonald

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    Christopher Guindon

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    Mikaël Barbero

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    Wayne Beaton

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    Sharon Corbett

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    Anne Jacko

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    Denis Roy


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    Shawn Kilpatrick

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    Marta Rybczynska

    Historical Committers

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    Kasandra Darwin

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    Thanh Ha

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    Chris Aniszczyk

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    David Carver

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    Jesse McConnell

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    Aaron Digulla

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    Alex Blewitt

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    Barb Cochrane

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    Janet Campbell

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    Andrew Niefer

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    Andrew Overholt

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    Kim Moir

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    Gabe O'Brien

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    Nick Boldt

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    Karl Matthias

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    Thomas Hallgren

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    Ingo Muschenetz

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    James Ervin

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    Paul Colton

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    Bjorn Freeman-Benson

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    Ward Cunningham