Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 5.5.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.





  • History: show diffs for merges in first-parent mode
  • 549424 Add "show first parent only" button to the history view
  • 438902 Add option to create light weight tags
  • 389656 Github client: add events field to RepositoryHook
  • 521783 Github client: add missing fields for GitHub push event

Usability enhancements

  • History view: shorten view toolbar
  • Change status bar label for repository view nodes
  • Simplify wording of confirmation questions in dialogs
  • 550292, 550293 Shorten confirmation messages for "reset hard" and "discard changes"
  • 545044 Show current branch first in pull result dialog
  • History: keep commit selected if branches to show change
  • 549034 Suppress history for structural RepositoryTreeNodes
  • 549618 Show standard message box on paste to repo view error
  • 550082 Don't decorate ResourceMappings mapping only unshared resources
  • 549206 Handle Java templates initialization error silently
  • 545290 Bind F2 on repo node to rename of current branch
  • 548495 Clear input of history view when repository is removed
  • 549235 Log an error if the reflog cannot be read
  • 549426 Don't log info about using Apache MINA sshd SSH client
  • 549269 Staging View: put a "presentation" button in the unstaged viewer's toolbar
  • Allow cancelling multi repository checkout
  • Add command icons for
    • add submodule (repo view context menu)
    • replace with commit, branch, ref (resource context menu)
    • compare with commit, branch, ref (resource context menu)
  • 548144 Reword commit dialog - Use verbs instead of OK
  • 548170 Hide "Rebase sucessfull" dialog by default
  • 548079 Improve reflog view updates

Performance improvements

  • 548978 Speed up image decoration for remote branch nodes

Bug fixes

  • 550513 Ensure staging view widgets get re-enabled
  • 549612 Fix silent failure on conflicting checkout after branch creation.
  • 548996 Log exception in create branch wizard
  • Always check for merge commit when opening file diff
  • 549812 Fix progress reporting for some commands
  • Fix typos in localization
  • 464949 Fix equals & hashCode of StashedCommitNode
  • Fix a few instances where repositories are not closed
  • Fix CommitFileDiffViewer/"Show in History" for non-resources
  • Avoid duplicate entries in the history view's view history
  • 360868 Fix showing selected refs or commits in history view
  • 520735 Repositories view: check for submodules when reacting on selection
  • Avoid repeatedly querying the ref database when getting the children of a BranchHierarchyNode
  • 548158 Enable the "Switch To..." menu for submodule folders
  • 548434 Fix NPE in RepositoriesViewPropertyTester
  • 548534 Avoid NPE in FetchGerritChangePage
  • BranchOperation: fix progress monitor handling
  • 548368 Restore behavior of exception reporting during branch switch
  • 537774 Github client: change mergeable in PullRequest to boolean

Build and release engineering

  • Update Orbit to R20190827152740 (2019-09)
  • 550094 Update Jetty to 9.4.20.v20190813
  • 450485 Use https in update site URLs
  • Delete outdated Orbit target platform definitions
  • Fix deprecations caused by Instant based DirCacheEntry
  • 549997 Remove duplicate configure fetch/push commands
  • [releng] Update target platform & SystemReader to JGit changes
  • Stabilize StageUnstageActionTest
  • 549178 Simplify RepositoryUtils.mapCommitToRef()
  • Replace deprecated getRefs() calls
  • Unify bundle name placeholders
  • BranchOperation: consistent use of MessageFormat
  • Oomph setup: update and rotate API baselines
  • Github client: add missing update site URL and name
  • 548762 Github client: Use not deprecated hook test URL
  • Github client: unify bundle name placeholders
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This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-09