Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse 5.6.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.





Repository groups in repositories view

  • 545123 [repo view] Introduce repository groups
  • [repo groups] inline renaming of repository groups
  • [repo groups] "Don't show again" for deletion confirmation
  • [repo groups] Decorations consistent with WorkingSets
  • [repo groups] RepositoryGroupNode: store model object instead of label

Ref filters in history view

  • 381520 GitHistoryView: Add ability to select refs to show
  • [ref filters] Enable removal via DEL key
  • 553072 Ref filter dialog: use standard Eclipse variable syntax
  • 553070 [history] Don't allow empty ref filters
  • 552970 [history] Multi-selection in ref filter dialog
  • 553019 [history] Fix removal in ref filter dialog
  • [history] Reveal newly added element in ref filter dialog
  • 552972 [history] Ref filter dialog size improvements
  • 552971 [history] Left-align explanatory text in ref filter dialog
  • 552974 [history] Use title case in ref filter dialog

Usability improvements

  • 553469 Remove redundant information in aborted by hook popup.
  • Check deletion enablement in key listener for deleting refspecs
  • 385484 [history] Show TABs in commit short message as blanks in commit table
  • 553399 [repo view] Add/clone/create repository commands to context menu
  • [repo view] Add collapse working tree command
  • [repo view] link with selection (hidden working tree)
  • Adapt RepositoryTreeNode to File
  • [repo view] RepositoriesViewSorter: actually use categories
  • 409722 [repo view] Link with selection: immediate reaction, show open editors
  • [repo view] Ellipses for the add/clone/create commands in view menu
  • 553204 Improve ordering of actions in repository view context menu
  • Allow refspec deletion via key in refspec config dialog
  • 553223 Branch selection dialog improvements
  • 550886 Match full branch names in branch selection dialog
  • Sort branches in branch selection dialog like in repo view
  • 451087 "Switch To" should allow to take a commit hash as input
  • 552998 [history] Fix showing HEAD if it changed
  • [history view] Title Case for file scope tooltip
  • 463939 [history] Continuous keyboard scrolling over the commit/diff viewer
  • 463939 [history] Scrolling in the commit/diff viewer when the caret position changes.
  • 483299 [history] Trim input when searching for SHA1
  • 551719 Use native SWT checkboxes in RefSpecPanel to give a more native look-and-feel across platforms and themes
  • 552776 [staging view] Run deletion and discarding changes in background jobs
  • Unify "Don't show again" messages
  • DeleteRepositoryConfirmDialog: use styled labels
  • 552360 Use Title case for Interactive Rebase steps
  • 552359 Rename "Rebase Interactive" view to "Interactive Rebase"
  • Add missing revert icon to reflog view
  • 537463 Improve wizard message in Git import wizard
  • 549832 Use Apache HTTP by default. Add a preference with UI to choose between the JDK built-in HTTP handling and Apache HTTP. Set the default to Apache HTTP. The advantage of the Apache HTTP client is that it allows using Basic authentication when HTTPS connections are to be made over  an HTTP proxy. OpenJDK forbids that by default since Java 8u111.

Performance improvements

  • 550878 Use cached repositories for submodules
  • 456996 Cache the repository config during "unit of work"
  • 550878 Decorators: cache more repository state
  • 550878 Simplify decoration for submodules node
  • 551289 Rely on synchronous ResourceRefreshHandler to refresh after checkout
  • 551748 Pull up to 3 repositories in parallel by default
  • 551578 Cancel file diff viewer updates early
  • Simplify collection.toArray() calls. On recent VMs, collection.toArray(new T[0]) is faster than collection.toArray(new T[collection.size()]).
  • 550247 CommitFileDiffViewer should use fast hash lookup
  • [history] Clear selection before clearing commit table
  • Use HashMap.computeIfAbsent()
  • 551149 Improve performance of command parameter completion
  • 550785 Cancel closing projects during checkout
  • 520386 [mylyn] Simplify getting a TaskRepository for a git repo
  • [mylyn] Simplify adaptations in TaskReferenceFactory
  • 544600 Eliminate exactRef(HEAD) on the UI thread in the history table
  • 544600 Cache more repository state for re-use in the UI thread

Bug Fixes

  • 553201 Auto-sharing must not connect root or home directories
  • 553249 CommitSelectionDialog: prevent InvalidObjectException and include HEAD
  • 553449 [ref filter dialog] Prevent re-defining preconfigured filters
  • 553093 Add separators in ref filter menu
  • 553026 Fix NPE in StagingView link with selection
  • 553289 [history] Avoid concurrent access to the GitHistoryWalk
  • 553188 Set "Don't show again" for deletion of repository groups only on OK
  • 553186 Correctly format "Repository group already exists" message
  • 553135 Fail gracefully in Statistics property page
  • 553135 Make sure the GarbageCollectCommand gets a FileRepository
  • 553119, 553124 [history] refs/**/[CURRENT-BRANCH] shows empty history
  • 495064 [repo view] Eliminate default handler for paste command
  • [repo view] Bind "Rename Repository Group..." to standard rename
  • Prevent NPE in GitFlowLightweightDecorator
  • 548495 Close repositories when they are no longer referenced
  • 498547 Comparisons of submodules: fix and make non-editable
  • StagingView: make sure the label decoration is updated
  • [history] show new HEAD or FETCH_HEAD in commit table
  • 552640 Fix CCE in CommitMessageVieweer when preferences change
  • 552622 Staging view: don't clear title RepositoryNode
  • [repo view] Do not allow removing submodules from view
  • 552426 - Replace usage of deprecated AbstractUIPlugin#getWorkbench
  • 551819 Fix broken "start release" from commit in history view
  • 552325 [preferences] Apply defaults in the right preference store
  • 537958 [repo view] Let "link with selection" be always enabled
  • SubmoduleUpdateCommand: close SubmoduleWalk and submodule repositories
  • Close SubmoduleWalk in RepositoriesViewContentProvider
  • 540466 Stashing files: Remember selection state for "Include untracked files"
  • 538491 Document repository view menu insertion points
  • 551289 [regression] Fix resource refreshes after git operations
  • 551067 [regression][history] Work-around NPE on toggling search bar
  • 437573 Avoid NPE after repository deletion
  • 551850 Adapt EclipseSystemReader to the new ~/.jgitconfig introduced in jgit
  • 551679 Preserve executable bit when editing index entries
  • 550989 Don't return a path for an IStorage representing an index entry
  • 551582 Fix git history page double refresh bug on repo switch
  • 551539 Avoid intermediate selection change for Stage/Unstage all
  • 550989 Adapt editor inputs to IFile for merge with index stage 2 as input to avoid PartInitException on opening the merge editor.
  • 551024 Avoid NPE in BranchOperationUI due to parallel delete
  • Re-layout line number ruler in unified diff viewer
  • 550820 Fix visibility of Team->Advanced->Create Tag
  • 550742 Use an OSGi declarative service instead of IStartup


Build and Release Engineering

  • Update Orbit to R20191126223242 for 2019-12
  • Update bouncycastle version to 1.64
  • Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.22
  • Update Ant to 1.10.7.v20190926-0324
  • Update Tycho to 1.5.1
  • Update jboss tycho-plugins to 1.4.0
  • [releng] Ensure egit.test.tmpdir is set in test runs in build
  • [releng] Add a resource filter to top-level .project
  • Reproducable license feature version
  • Migrate JDT project settings to 2019-09 format
  • [releng] Use HTTPS links in Oomph setup and cycle API baselines
  • Use HTTPS URLs for all target platforms, about.html, feature.xml, and maven repositories

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-12