Eclipse IoT-Testware 0.1.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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The release 0.1.0 will be the first minor release of the IoT-Testware. 

The biggest features are standardized test solutions for the IoT protocols MQTT and CoAP.

Architectural Issues

Originally, the IoT-Testware was a CLI tool only, thus the extensibility and the architectural quality in general was limited. We solved the problem by introducing a simple architecture based on docker. Heart of the docker virtualization is an installation script realized with python. It is open for extensions. A more detailed describtion can be found in our documentation.

Security Issues

There are no concrete consideration made concerning security.

Non-Code Aspects

We would like to list the followng aspects:

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not applicable (project doesn't provide UI)
Usability Details

There are no concrete consideration made concerning usability.

End of Life

There are no concrete consideration made concerning end of life.


Our test solutions, including conformance, performance and robustness (fuzzing), based on the developing ETSI standards delveloped in the WG MTS-TST

Note: The standards are publicly accessible for ETSI members or as soon as they are in a final stage (arround May 2020).


We have a strong relationship with the Eclipse Titan project. The IoT-Testware project is using the Eclipse Titan project intensely that is reflected in the Eclipse Titan forum.

Furthermore, we are listed in the following communities:

Additionally, we have shown activities in the MQTT Discussion Group @ Google-Groups.