Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git 4.3 Release Review

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Git attributes support

Implement git attributes support for

  • text attributes
  • eol attributes
  • macros
  • binary macro

Large File Storage (LFS) Extension

Git Large File Storage (LFS) is a Git extension for versioning large files

LFS replaces large files such as audio samples, videos, datasets, and graphics with text pointers inside Git, while storing the file contents on a remote LFS server.


In 4.3 the following features to support LFS in JGit were implemented

  • SHA-256 abstraction
  • command line command debug-lfs-store to run LFS test server
  • LFS server: support LFS protocol and a file system based LFS storage (used in Gerrit lfs-storage-fs plugin)
  • LFS server: support Amazon S3 based storage for LFS (used in Gerrit lfs-storage-s3 plugin)
  • fix FileLfsRepository to make it thread safe


RefTree enables JGit to version refs (branches, tags and symbolic refs) in a Git tree and enables atomic push which is a precondition to implement Git Ketch.


A group of updates can be applied by updating the tree in one step, writing out a new root tree, and storing its SHA-1. If references are stored in RefTrees, comparing two repositories is a matter of checking if two SHA-1s are identical. Without RefTrees comparing two repositories requires listing all references and comparing the sets.


Track the "refs/" directory as a root tree by storing references that point directly at an object as a GITLINK entry in the tree. For example "refs/heads/master" is written as "heads/master".


Annotated tags also store their peeled value with ^{} suffix, using "tags/v1.0" and "tags/v1.0^{}" GITLINK entries.


Symbolic references are written as SYMLINK entries with the blob of the symlink carrying the name of the symbolic reference target.


HEAD is outside of "refs/" namespace so it is stored as a special "..HEAD" entry.

  • debug-rebuild-ref-tree command line command to migrate refs to RefTreeDatabase
  • copy HEAD into RefTree
  • RefTreeDatabase: Allow ORIG_HEAD, etc. on non-bare repositories
  • RefTreeDatabase: Expose bootstrap refs in getAdditionalRefs

Git Ketch

Git Ketch is a multi-master Git repository management system.  Writes are successful only if a majority of participant servers agree. Acknowledged writes are durable against server failures as a majority of the participants store all required objects.


Git Ketch is modeled on the Raft Consensus Algorithm.  A ketch sailing vessel is faster and more nimble than a raft.  It can also carry more source codes. Git Ketch front-loads replication costs, which vaguely resembles a ketch sailing vessel's distinguishing feature of the main mast on the front of the ship.


In 4.3 the following Ketch features were implemented

  • basic replication system
  • simple map of running leader instances
  • intercept push and route it through Ketch
  • daemon: Add --ketch=LEADER flag

Repo command

  • add ignoreRemoteFailures option to RepoCommand
  • support revision in remote tag


  • implement configuration option DIR_NO_GITLINKS

Build and Release Engineering

  • Enable building JGit and Gerrit in the same Buck build to speed up build for features spanning JGit and Gerrit