Eclipse Maven Integration - m2eclipse 1.5.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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Major improvements since 1.4

  • reduced memory footprint for workspace with large number of projects
  • reworked import maven project workflow
  • new embedded maven runtime based on maven 3.2.1
  • new http/https transport based on okhttp
  • new maven profile selection UI
  • ability to set checksum validation level
  • new Warning/Error settings

full list of changes in 1.5.0

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues
  • m2e continues to suffer from lack of proper support for nested workspace projects
  • Lack of support for proper classpath separation between test and main/production source paths in JDT is another long-standing problems that affects m2e.
Non-Code Aspects
  • Localization, Internationalization, Accessibility
    • All m2e strings are externalized, but only English strings are provided.
    • m2e development team did not do any localization and/or accessibility testing due to resource constraints.
  • Active user and development mailing lists
  • User and Developer Documentation and Wiki are outdated and largely not applicable to m2e 1.0+
Usability Details
  • Generic tools for working with Maven projects inside Eclipse workspace
    • Automatic discovery and installation of required m2e extensions based on pom.xml
    • Feature-rich pom.xml editor, error markers and quick-fixes for common problems and best practices
    • Maven launch configuration types
    • Automatic project dependency resolution
  • Support for “plain” Java projects out-of-the box via JDT integration
    • JDT project configuration based on pom.xml
    • Automatic compile classpath management
    • Maven specific classpath in RunAs JavaApplication and JUnitTest
  • m2e 1.5 is fully compatible with pom.xml format used by Maven 3.x and 2.1.x
  • m2e 1.5 is fully compatible with Maven “default” repository layout and Maven repository Index format
  • m2e 1.5 provides limited support for Maven Archetype descriptor format
  • Active user community
    • No community activity statistics were collected for m2e 1.5
  • Active developer and adopter communities
  • All project decisions are discussed on m2e-dev mailing list
  • m2e team maintains a number of opensource extensions at Github that are both useful to endusers and as working examples for adopters
  • Close collaboration with Apache Maven; collaboration with m2e/wtp, JBossTools and other opensource projects
This release is part of Luna