MicroProfile® Config 1.1 Release Review

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Config 1.1


MicroProfile Config 1.1 Specification, API and TCK: https://github.com/eclipse/microprofile-config

MicroProfile Config is a specification around configuration data APIs.  These APIs allow developers to decouple runtime configuration from their application logic, making services more configurable and easier to operate.  MicroProfile Config 1.1 is a point fix, primarily on bug fixes and critical missing features to better help vendors and consumers work with the specification.

- Support for primitive and URL types.

- Clarify ordinal sorting requirements.

- Adding a convenience method to ConfigSources to get all known properties.

- Clarify the property name for an injection point that has no name.

- Clarify whether empty values mean set or unset.

With these changes, MicroServices developers can readily use more features out of the box (primitive support, URL conversion).  They can also more reliably expect their applications to be portable, with features working the same across the board.

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